Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

Oruc Reis was an Ottoman sailor, who later became the pinnacle of the Ottoman navy as shown in Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu. Later he became the Ottoman governor of Algeria. Oruc Reis was the older brother of the famous Ottoman navy chief Khazar Khairuddin Barbarossa. He was born on the Ottoman island of Medley in Lesbos, Greece. Oruc Reis’s father, Yaqub Agha was a military commander. He was instrumental in conquering the realm of Lesbos in 1462, which resulted in him being granted a number of the world as a jagir. He married a neighborhood woman In 1474.

They had a son who later became referred to as Oruc Reis Barbarossa.

They had a son who later became referred to as Oruc Reis Barbarossa. Barbarossa lived the nickname of Oruc Reis employed by sailors to deal with him due to his red beard. In Barbarossa season 1 Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles after his martyrdom, the identical name stood added by his younger brother Khazar Khairuddin out of devotion to him. And that name became the foremost famous name in maritime history. You have to need to understand when and why Oruc Reis stood martyred. Oruc Reis wasn’t only at the top of the Ottoman navy or the governor of Algeria. But his many services to the Islamic world and Muslims exist recorded in history. History has shown that Oruc Reis was a successful sailor who initially sailed for commercial purposes and has become a successful merchantman by mastering many languages.

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

In a similar trade expedition, some Crusaders attacked their merchant ships and Oruc Reis stood suspended. Ilyas, brother of Oruc Reis also martyred in the battle. When the news of the attack reached Khairuddin. He started a dangerous campaign to free his brother this was the event when for the primary time in history. Khazar Khairuddin’s name lived said in a very notable event during this dangerous journey. Khazar Khair-ud-Din not only discovered his brother’s place of imprisonment but with a successful plan disguised himself. He entered the Crusaders’ fortress and freed his brother Oruc Reis However, after the incident.

Barbaroslar Episode 28 in Urdu

Orj Rice arrived in Antalya, where the Ottoman prince, kurkat. In barbaroslar Episode 28 in Urdu He reassigned him to the Ottoman navy, reassigning him to the charge of the 24th Ottoman Navy fleet It may stand recalled that Prince kurkut was the brother of Sultan Saleem Yovas. He later killed on the orders of Saleem Yovas in the battle for the throne. Oruc Reis progressed from there and have become the top of the Ottoman Navy In 1492.

Barbarossa Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

Andalusia and Granada, the last Muslim state in present-day Spain, attacked by Frinidad and Queen ISBella. Ending a 7 hundred-year Muslim decree of Spain and forcing the Muslims to hunt for refuge in a geographic area. Muslims stood forced to require refuge in the geographic area. Sultan Bayazid II, son of Sultan Muhammad the Conquerorruled Turkish Empire. The Ottomans had conquered Constantinople to some extent. But couldn’t help the Muslims at that distance but Sultan Bayazid ordered the Ottoman forces led by Kamal Rice to maneuver the Muslims safely from Spain to the Ottoman lands

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