Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) With Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) With Urdu Subtitles

Welcome to Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) With Urdu Subtitles. Explosive series like Kurulus osman has captivated the fans. The time has finally come when season 3 of the Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) With Urdu Subtitles is coming to an end. The season finale will be aired shortly. And then the fans will start waiting for season 4. Fans’ curiosity is also heightened by the fact that the new season is always coming up with many new characters. And at the same time, a great story is waiting for the fans. Now, in the coming season, if many new characters are coming up. So many characters are going to say goodbye to the series at the end of this season.

Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) With Urdu Subtitles

The testimony of some of the characters will be shown in the last episode. While many characters will disappear anyway. Many of osman Bay’s new Alps will also be part of the series in the coming season. Because now it’s time to leave the series of fictional characters. And the series of historical characters will be made interesting.

The characters of Akca Koca and Abdul Rehman will be entered in kurulus osman Season 4. osman Bay, who has done great damage to the Byzantines in Kurulus osman Season 3. osman Bay conquered 4 major Byzantine forts in the same season. Therefore, in the coming season, the Byzantine emperor and other great enemies will come to attack osman Bay. Because the Byzantines who have been the eternal enemies of the Turks.

Osman Bay is about to announce the establishment of the empire

Therefore, they will make every effort to reduce the power of Osman Bay. While Osman Bay who is about to announce the establishment of the empire. And after the establishment of the empire, after the establishment of the empire, Osman will become very strong. Therefore, the biggest enemies of Osman Bay will come forward. But Osman Bay will be able to easily defeat all these enemies.

Kayi tribe will move to Yenisehir after the conquest of Yenisehir. Because Osman Bay will then strengthen his army in Yenisehir. Many Turkish tribes will also ally with Osman Bay. And the tribes that came with Osman Bay will settle in Yenisehir. And some tribes will oppose Osman Bay. The Mongols will be part of the series again next season.

Destan Episode 21 in Urdu

Osman Bay’s battles with the Mongols have always been seen. But in the coming season, osman Bay’s differences with the Mongols will be less. Because the Ghazn Khan of the Mongols who have now become Muslims. Ghazan Khan will be a part of the series next season. On the other hand, in the big projects of osman Bay, the focus of osman Bay will be on iznik and Bursa.

The importance of orhan’s role in the coming season will also be made clear. And with orhan some important soldiers will be added. Weavers We will share with you important information about Season 4 in all our new upcoming videos. The kayi women planned to get Kumral Abdal and Damirji Dawood out of prison.

We saw that the kayi women were accompanied by Jarkotai

We saw that the kayi women were accompanied by Jarkotai. cerkutay and aygul, the woman who was walking towards the prison. That a Byzantine archer jerked and shot an arrow at aygul. cerkutay was shot three or four times and cerkutay was seriously injured. While the aygul hatun had an arrow in her heart and her condition worsened. Now, as we’ve said before, both cerkutay and aygul are fictitious characters.Now aygul’s character will leave the series. And then at the beginning of the new season, cerkutay’s character will be separated from the series.

Destan Episode 21 (Season 1) With Urdu Subtitles

Now along with aygul hatun, Zehra hatun will also be martyred. If we talk about Damirji Dawood and Kamral Abdal So one of these two characters Dawood Damirji will leave the series. Now let’s talk about the most important character of the series, Malhan hatun and Bala hatun. There is bad news about the bala hatun. As we all know, the bala hatun is still pregnant. Now the bala hatun will get such a wound in the abdomen which will endanger the baby of the bala hatun. While the housewife will not have to suffer much loss.

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