Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 1 in Urdu

Hello! We welcome you to Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 1 in Urdu with another video related to the Kurulus Osman series. Fans love every character in the Kurtulus Osman series. But some characters leave such an impression on the hearts of the fans that their memories will always remain with us. In this way, some of the characters who will be separated from us in kurulus osman season 3 episode 1 in urdu will not be able to leave our hearts. But the feature of Kurulus Osman series is that when a character leaves the series, his alternate character comes to the fore.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 1 in Urdu

Zubeida hatun played the role of Sultan Malik Shah’s wife in the world system in a very wonderful way. Her character has also been made a part of the Kurulus Osman series. Sheikh Adabali’s son-in-law Dursan Fiqhi was made a part of the series in the previous episode. And at the beginning of the upcoming season, the actress who will play the role of Zubeida hatun will appear as the wife of Dursan hatun. Fans, on the other hand, were saddened by the omission of the Aygul hatun character in kurulus osman season 3 episode 1 in urdu. But now the good news for Aygul fans is that the actress who played the role of Aygul hatun will be seen in action again.

Aygul Khatun Play role in Alp Arslan

Actress Buse Arslan, who played the role of Aygul hatun, will now play the lead role in the Alp Arslan series. She will be portrayed as the wife of series hero Alp Arslan. The bad news for cerkutay’s fans is that cerkutay’s character will be missing from the series for a while. We saw how Aygul’s death broke cerkutay. cerkutay will return after part of Season 4 has passed. Many new characters will appear from the beginning of season 4. Because the brand new story of the season will be a surprise for the fans.

kurulus Osman season 3 episode 1

We will talk in detail about the enemies of Osman Bay in the new season. And at the same time tell you why the birth of the second child of the Bala hatun will not be shown? When will Kosis return to the series? Ali Bay’s son Mustafa will create big problems for Osman Bay in the new season? Why won’t the Qayi tribe be shown again in the series when will the new season air on screen? And at the same time, the story of the new season will revolve around which main character?

The magic of a historical series like Krulus Osman is speaking loudly.

The magic of a historical series like Krulus Osman is speaking loudly. After a very successful season, now we are waiting for the new season. First of all, let’s talk about Osman’s new enemies. Osman Bay who recently conquered inagol and Yenisehir. And now osman Bay’s next plan is Iznik and Bursa. So, of course, in the new season, Iznik and Bursa Tekfurs will be made a part of the series. At the same time, some Mongol enemies will appear. But much of the season’s story revolves around Osman Bay and the Byzantines. Because in season 3, Osman Bay has done great harm to the Byzantines.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 1 in Urdu

So the Roman Empire will try to take revenge on osman Bay. But even Osman Bay has become very strong now And now Osman Bay has made Yenisehir his new home. In the coming season, we will see that the culture of the tribe will be shown a little less. Yenisehir will be shown more after the migration of Qayies to Yenisehir. The coming season will see a major battle between Osman Bay and the Byzantines. kosis will return to the series on the eve of this battle.

Kosis converted to islam

Kosis had converted to Islam when he left the series So now when Kosis comes up again he will come back with a new name. The new name of Kosis will be Koshe Mehal. Kosis will live in Yenisehir with his wife and children. Because of helping Osman Bay, Kosis was removed from Harmankaya’s Takfur. But loyalty to Osman Bay has made Kosis special to Osman Bay. Now let’s talk about why no other offspring of the Bala hatun will be seen. Apart from Alauddin, there is no evidence of any child of the Bala hatun .

When Osman Bay had seven children When six of them were from malhan hatun and one from Bala hatun. Many changes have already been made in the historical events in the series But it will not happen that any fictitious son or daughter of osman Bay will be shown to increase the thrill of the series. The reason the Bala hatun was made pregnant was to make the series more intriguing. At the end of last season, Ali Bay had asked Mustafa to stay with osman Bay.

Now Mustafa will also be seen adding to osman Bay’s difficulties in the new season. Because Mustafa is a crazy young man. Therefore, for some time, Mustafa will be seen cooperating with the enemy. But after that, Mustafa’s character will also become positive. The new season usually comes out at intervals of three to four months. The shooting of the new season will continue after two months of vacation Actor Barack, who plays osman Bay, has read the story of the new season. And now the cast of the new season has begun. In a month’s time, we’ll have news of new characters for the upcoming season.

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